Who We Are



Sharan started in 1981 as an organization working for  the urban poor in New Delhi, India. Sharan supports communities living in extremely poor, resource-constrained settings and promotes self-reliance in the spirit of love and service.  Sharan is involved in drug treatment & HIV/AIDS through services including Needle Syringe Exchange, Opioid Substitution, Detoxification, Awareness & Prevention, Crisis Care and Counseling.

Inadequate housing, sanitation, lack of safe drinking water, poor health facilities, illiteracy, drug use and HIV/AIDS have become major problems in the country. For the last three decades, Sharan has been addressing these needs with holistic and comprehensive programs that aim at giving an individual a better quality of life, better housing and sanitation, access to medical services and opportunities of earning a livelihood.

Sharan has a vast network of partners across the country that has strong technical capacity in the area of drug rehab, sexual health – children & adults, HIV/AIDS and health & nutrition. Our current major source of funding is from the Delhi Govt AIDS Control Society as part of the National AIDS Control Plan, and we have some resources from Wings Of Support Foundation ( KLM Crew) for services to children in need

Vision and mission

SHARAN’s vision is to raise the health, social and economic status of the poor and improve society’s perception of the marginalized communities.

SHARAN’s mission is to Support marginalized communities living in extremely poor resource constrained settings and promote self- reliance regardless of caste and creed in the spirit of love and service.

SHARAN aims to achieve its mission through:

  • Implementation of effective models of service delivery;
  • Support and capacity building of the fellow service providers;
  • Empowerment of the community members leading to overall community development;
  • Advocacy activities to challenge prejudice within existing social structures and influence policy at all levels accordingly.