Children of the Street Rock(CSR2)

Across the urban areas of India, there are many children who work or live on the street.

Conflict, familybreakdown, rural to urban drift, and lack of economic and educational opportunity have all helped to bring
these children to the street; often they need to work to support themselves or their families. Most of these
children do not attend mainstream education, and many engage in recreational drug use and early sexual

Delhi is the most effected city by this phenomenon; in the last three decades the number of children on
Delhi’s streets has grown steadily.

Therefore, Sharan in collaboration with UNAIDS, FHI 360 and CFAR organised an event called
CSR2. Children of the Street Rock is a joint initiative of civil society, the UN family, young
professionals, and concerned citizens of Delhi, under the leadership of Sharan, to provide a
comprehensive response to the street kids of Delhi.