Director’s Message



Luke Samson, Executive Director, SHARAN

What have we learnt about poverty, our primary challenge, in the 35 long years of Sharan’s existence?

The first principle we adopt is to learn, that we position solutions on our young and impressionable years, how much we have to unlearn of all the acquired stigma and discrimination around! The discrimination enters your door like hungry wolves, and is as hard to reduce as the AIDS virus, and being Indian, we were stuck with solutions to the longest and hardest sticking discrimination that exists on this planet, and we must learn our way together through.

The second principle we adopt is to collectivize, the problems we seek to address are not our own, and so the solutions are not ours. Being Indian allows us to hold conflict in juxtaposition with resolve, even as ‘jointly and severally’ owned solutions are the best ones to have.

The third principle is of course to never give up on one’s dreams, we have learnt and adapted, grown and reduced, changed and repented, revised and relented, but our dreams are very much before us and will continue to grow, even as we hand over batons to gen next and expect, as we may in India, for the torchbearers to break into a festival of light.

“We can not only change ourselves, we can change our environment, and feel satisfied that our dreams will only grow strong, there’s always a Force working in us somewhere, so where there is equity and justice, free choice and peaceful existence, that’s where our dream still flows on and on…”